Victoria, our MD, set up the agency in 1998 and is involved with every single account.

She has very high standards and is a genius at driving the agency forward.

Alasdair, our Creative Director, is one of Victoria’s oldest friends and has been with us for 19 years.

He is a genius at coming up with original ideas, copywriting and brand strategy.

Jess, a Director, oversees our enormous media relations operation for Amazon.

Over eleven years, she has worked across all of our sectors and is a genius at social media.

Eve, an Account Director, oversees our tech and parenting divisions.

Over seven years, she has been a genius at achieving amazing results with no fuss.

Sophie, a Senior Account Manager, runs the Amazon account.

She is a genius at achieving mass market placement across multiple sectors.

Aggie, an Account Manager, has a spark that makes her an absolute genius at selling in our fashion and food clients to generate huge amounts of coverage.

Cordelia, an Account Manager, works across our lifestyle and parenting clients. When it comes to coverage, she’s a genius at generating quality as well as quantity.

Sophie, a Senior Account Executive, is a genius at generating huge amounts of coverage for our food and lifestyle clients.

Emily, a Senior Account Executive, is a genius at organising and supporting the lifestyle and parenting team.

Sophia, an Account Executive, is a genius at generating coverage reports and supporting the tech team.

Jessica, an Account Executive, is a genius at getting journalists excited about the latest fashion trends and supporting the Amazon team.

Francesca is an Account Executive in our food and lifestyle divisions – she’s a genius at cross-selling in our clients.

Maddie, an Account Executive, is a genius at selling in across all of our accounts.

Yen, our Bookkeeper, is a genius at crunching numbers and keeping calm in a hectic office.

Dorota, our Office Assistant, is a genius at ensuring the office runs smoothly day-to-day.

Victoria’s three boys have a genius for road-testing toys and making everyone smile.

Albert, no relation at all (as far as we know) but he was certainly into ideas, energy and things happening at the speed of light, so his genius is definitely here in spirit.

The Ideas Network are a results driven, professional and energetic PR agency poised to achieve excellent media coverage. An outstanding work ethic and determination are amongst their strongest traits.
Head of Web Relations
A fantastic agency, very creative and more importantly they are totally focused on delivering great results.
UK General Manager
At the beginning of 2007 we had virtually no PR coverage at all, then we employed The Ideas Network. Overcoming considerable logistical problems, they helped us to set up a new samples system and within only a few weeks, the coverage started rolling in. The Ideas Network’s energy and professionalism is extraordinary and I would have no hesitation in recommending them as a PR agency to anyone.
Marketing and Events Manager
The Ideas Network team are enthusiastic and always willing to go that extra mile to achieve our seasonal objectives
and add value to our brand deliverables.
Brand Manager
The Ideas Network are an excellent, up-beat agency, who have demonstrated nothing but professionalism, enthusiasm, hard-work, and excellent client service from day one. The team are an absolute pleasure to work with.
PR Manager
The Ideas Network is extraordinarily creative and industrious – I could not recommend a team more strongly.
Managing Director
If you are looking for sharp focus, high energy and tangible results, The Ideas Network is as good a team as I have come across in 20 years of working with PR companies. And you can have fun with them as well!
Great team full of ideas and determined to get results with a sense of conviction which means they measure themselves against what you’ve agreed upfront, a very refreshing approach to PR.
The Ideas Network are a committed team of professionals. They are enthusiastic and creative, but most importantly, they are a pleasure to work with.
As a company we always felt PR was something that we should be doing, rather than something that we could invest in to yield real benefit. The Ideas Network changed that for us and have worked with us across the whole business; they have helped us with pre-production advice on things like colour trends, have introduced us to some really influential people in the press and have guided us through the minefield that is Social Media. They are always both thought provoking and fun. The upturn in our business is in no small part due to their efforts.
Sales Director